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About Us

One of the core businesses of Paramount Companies is Paramount Vending, the 44-year-old music and games vending service company that has set the stage for all of the company's subsequent successes in automated food service and coffee service.

Formed in 1974, Paramount Vending quickly became a leader in the South Florida entertainment industry in providing games, music, phones, and in the early days, cigarettes, to hundreds of hotels, lounges, bars and restaurants, earning a reputation for quality equipment with an emphasis on service.









Some of our customers.

What our clients say

"The Greenbrier restaurant and bar has been using Paramount for over 35 years. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The service is impeccable and they bend over backwards for you. They have always treated us like gold. If you have any questions at all please stop in, I'll be more than happy to talk to you about Paramount Vending or call me anytime Jr Daly Owner since 1978 "

Jr Daly - Owner

"It has been a pleasure doing business with Paramount Vending. I took over Jester’s Sports Bar & Liquors in January of 2018 and was new to the bar/hospitality industry. Paramount has been the pool tables & Touch tunes vendor for more than 20 years at Jester’s and when I took over I continued the relationship. So glad I did that because Alan and his team has accommodated all our requests and held my hand through transition of ownership. They have gone beyond my expectations in making sure I was served in a timely fashion which has significantly help me and my team in serving our customers needs. I highly recommend Paramount Vending for all your entertainment needs. Thank you Paramount for great service, Jester’s and team really appreciates it!"

- K J

"I have used Paramount Vending for 18 years. The juke box has the biggest selection of songs and fantastic quality sound. They have a big selection of video games. Their service is the best, if any issues occur, they are out to fix the problem immediately. I would highly recommend Paramount Vending to anyone.."

- Mike DiRenzo

"LGW Sharkeys has been using Paramount Vending since 2001 and have been extremely happy with their agreement with us. The juke box is always playing and the surround sound system is excellent. The pool tables are re-felted annually and serviced bi weekly. They always check the pool cues and rakes are in great condition. The service technician, Ryan and John are very friendly, always smiling and fixes everything, sometimes the same day, always within twenty four (24) hours. Alan (GM) always takes time to make sure the account is in good standing and we are always happy at the pay split we get with Paramount. I would strongly recommend Paramount to any business looking to add vending machines and games to their business to increase revenue."

- Richard Kushner, GM







How much does it cost to have a digital juke box installed?

Zero ($0), Paramount will install the Juke Box and additional sound equipment, when necessary, at its own expense

How does the Juke Box communicate with the home server?

The Juke box communicates through the customers internet either hard wired or wifi.

Does the location share in the revenue?

All juke box revenue is shared 50/50 after taxes and fees.

How and when does the location get paid?

A Paramount representative counts the collection on site and gives the location its portion of the monies.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment?

Paramount has a service team dedicated to the repair and maintenance and take monetary responsibility for all repairs.

Can you pay with cash or credit card?

Cash is accepted and TouchTunes has an App that not only let’s you pay for your music but also allows you to play you music from your phone.

Does Paramount have cigarette vending machines?

Yes, We have cigarette vending machines.

What does it cost to have Paramount place a cigarette machine?

Nothing, Paramount will deliver and service a cigarette machine at no cost to location.

Does Paramount pay a commission to the location?

Paramount will pay a commission based on the agreed sale price.

Is my bar allowed to sell cigarettes?

The bar will need to add a tobacco resale to their liquor license.

Does Paramount have arcade games?

Paramount operates a variety of arcades games including but not limited to Golden Tee, Silver Strike Bowler, Bar Top Trivia and Boxer (punching contest).

How is the revenue split between Paramount and the Establishment?

Paramount will split the collection 50/50 minus license fees.

Does Paramount update the Golden Tee ?

Yes, as update become available Paramount will update the software.

How much does it cost to have a pool table installed in my establishment?

Paramount will install and supply all accessories at no cost to the establishment.

How is the revenue split between Paramount and the Establishment?

Paramount will split the collection 50/50 minus license fees.

Who is responsible for maintaining the equipment?

Paramount will handle all maintenance issues including the periodic re-covering of the table.

Does Paramount have tables that take dollar bills?

Paramount has the latest pool tables in inventory that take both coin and dollar bills.

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