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Paramount holds a unique distinction within the vending business that sets it apart from other competitors throughout Florida, and that distinction comes from its full service commissary headed by world-class chefs.
On a daily basis, these renowned chefs provide fresh breads, sandwiches, breakfast platters, and other specialty, quality food products for its many corporate clients and vending locations.
Paramount's chefs have a commitment to new products and quality ingredients, for they have committed to contracts with some of the best-known providers of quality ingredients for the commissary, including Tyson Meats, Chef America, and more.
Some of the most popular items that clients ask for on a repeat basis have been grand opening parties, corporate picnics, and similar events. For instance, catering client’s breakfast conferences and providing high volume box lunches helps with special events, seminars, and conferences.
Paramount chefs spend a good portion of every week visiting and consulting with clients regarding product selection. Attention to detail allows Paramount to customize the food product customers require on a daily basis. Many clients are now transitioning to a healthier menu, with Paramount working with them to convert a percentage of the food products to the healthy category.
Paramount chefs are ready to meet with customers at any time to discuss current and new menu items.
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