Paramount Vending
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
Q. Is my company large enough to consider vending services or coffee services?

A. Probably. Paramount's automated food service provides vending services to companies with 100 employees or more. The coffee service is designed for offices with much fewer people.
Q. What types of products are offered?

A. Paramount offers name brand, popular snacks and soda, as well as fresh daily products from the company's commissary. The coffee service offers a wide variety of coffee flavors.
Q. Do you have "healthy" products?

A. Yes, a whole new line of "wellness vending" items has been introduced.
Q. What areas do you serve?

A. All of South Florida.
Q. What is the cost of introducing either vending or coffee service to my company?

A. None. The product sales cover the cost of the service, and in some cases, can provide a profit for a company.
Q. What types of companies do you work with?

A. All types for both food vending and coffee, from smaller professional offices to large manufacturing plants.
Q. How long has Paramount been around?

A. More than 30 years. The company is now recognized locally and nationally as a leader in its industry.
Q. Who do I contact and is there any obligation?

A. Call us at 1-800-800-0052 and we'll arrange a visit by one of our representatives, with no obligation.
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