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Service Overview
Each business environment has its own special needs when it comes to vending requirements. Paramount is a leader in the industry when it comes to assessing daily food requirements at the most reasonable cost for employer and employees.
Each customer enjoys a unique vending program of fresh foods, snack products and beverages designed specifically for that business. Paramount's programs feature well-known national brands, as well as select proprietary brands delivered in modern vending equipment.
Paramount also offers healthy food options, ethnic cuisine, office coffee service, and a multitude of other food options for each customer's selection.
After selecting a tailored program, each customer is assured of receiving consistent quality and, as well as a price range of food items to satisfy all employees.
Paramount serves all businesses and industry sectors in South Florida including the hospital and healthcare industry, educational and vocational facilities, industrial and manufacturing sectors, media outlets, aviation, banking, call centers, general office, and a wide variety of other settings.
Service Overview
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