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Many people have serious concerns about what they are eating outside the home, particularly as many heed to the suggestions by food activists for healthier food options.
Providing healthier food choices (milk, juice, and fruit) has been the hallmark of Paramount's successful leadership as the pre-eminent company serving vending locations throughout South Florida.
The company's state-of-the-art commissary has allowed Paramount to tailor and vary a wide range of fresh food selections to meet current nutritional requirements.
Today, what students eat and drink is as diverse as what music they enjoy, and Paramount's experience allows the company to provide excellent nutrition through better choices. Data shows time and time again students making better food decisions when they have better food options. A planning consideration Paramount offers to all of its customers, providing healthy alternatives to educational facility's vending locations.
Another specialty in which Paramount is a leader is in vocational and college locations.
Vending banks in these locations provide the variety of food and beverage for transient students that meet their schedule.
In addition to its educational specialty, Paramount also serves the hospital and health care industry, industrial and manufacturing sectors, media outlets, aviation, banking, call centers, general office, and a wide variety of other settings.
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