Paramount Vending
The Paramount Service
Paramount's leadership in business and industrial locations reflects its understanding that in a multiple shift environment, it's key to provide a customer's employees with quality fresh products without having to leave the office or plant location.
Customers select a variety of Paramount's fresh food commissary products that are incorporated into their vending program. These programs provide employees and personnel with a variety of quality food selections at the most reasonable cost to employees.
State of the art vending equipment and a combination of both national and signature brands allows Paramount to deliver a food product with better taste, packaging and presentation.
Paramount's capability to provide and deliver fresh food daily has also been a feature of the company's vending programs to industrial and manufacturing customer's sites.
In addition to its specialty in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, Paramount also serves the hospital and healthcare industry, educational and vocational facilities, media outlets, aviation, banking, call centers, general office, and a wide variety of other settings.
Service Overview
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